Catalog for Radi Arwinda 'Sugih' exhibition. The theme of "sugih" — meaning: rich, in Javanese — closely related to the "pesugihan", the way to get rich with supernatural help. In the Indonesian vernacular context, most traditional and/or grass-root communities put a strong belief in the practice of 'pesugihan' by transforming oneself into supernatural beings or using the assistance of supernatural creatures such as 'babi ngepet' — when a person transform into a boar in order to steals money or something precious from others. In the modern context, 'pesugihan' has permeated the life of Indonesian society, its value has shifted from being a myth to become an everyday value, such as; choosing red to paint the house as a lucky color, wearing gold jewelry as a token to invite more sustenance, giving money envelopes at important celebration such as engagements, birthdays, weddings, as consolation token