Enarldo Tadya Girardi, or Edo, is an experienced graphic designer with expertise in typography, design direction, and visual communications.

In 2022, Enarldo Tadya Girardi (Edo) founded Kala Karya Gallery in Jakarta. Kala Karya Gallery is a creative space that promotes emerging artists and designers by providing them with a platform to showcase their works. Edo's vision for the gallery is to provide an alternative space for creative individuals and communities to express their ideas and promote open dialogues and universal conversations through art and design programs that are open to the public. The gallery, featuring modern tropical architecture, spans 75 sqm and offers a versatile space for creatives and professionals alike. Kala Karya Gallery's mission is to become a hub for emerging artists and designers in Jakarta, enabling them to grow their careers and connect with other creative individuals and communities.

Edo has over a decade of experience, including his current role as Design Manager for the in-house team at Museum MACAN since its inception in 2017. As the Design Manager for the in-house team at Museum MACAN, Edo is responsible for managing and overseeing the design process across various mediums, including branding, environmental graphics, merchandise, and digital design for the Museum's website, social media, and e-publications. In this strategic position, he is responsible for developing and maintaining a consistent and cohesive visual identity for the Museum that effectively communicates its mission and values to its audience. Edo's role involves working closely with other departments, including marketing, curatorial, and education teams, to ensure that all design elements align with the Museum's objectives and goals. He oversees the development of all creative materials, from concept to final execution, ensuring that they are of high quality and in line with the Museum's standards. Additionally, as the Design Manager, Edo also manages a team of designers, providing guidance, support, and feedback to ensure that they deliver high-quality work that meets the Museum's expectations and requirements. Overall, Edo's experience in this role demonstrates his ability to lead and manage a design team while ensuring that the Museum's visual identity is consistent, effective, and aligned with its mission and goals.

Before his role as Design Manager at Museum MACAN, Edo gained valuable experience as a Senior Art Director at Artnivora, one of the leading design studios. During his tenure there, he worked on various high-profile projects, honing his skills and expertise in typography, design direction, and visual communications.

Edo's academic background in Design and Communications Visual from Institut Teknologi Bandung has also equipped him with a solid foundation in design theory and principles. His educational background combined with his professional experience has made him a well-rounded and accomplished graphic designer with a keen eye for detail and a strong creative vision.

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